Functional Lab testing...

in addition to disease diagnosis, long-term health solutions include assessing and tracking health 

Simply put, lack of disease is NOT synonymous with health, and functional labs are the best available tool to asses health status and identify core imbalances.  Some examples of functional labs and their applications;

  • Complete microbiome and intestinal health assessment - May be able to identify what is causing symptoms diagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome

  • Extensive hormone analysis - May be an important assessment tool for fatigue, weight maintenance, mood, libido, healthy aging

  • Complete blood sugar and metabolic health assessment - May lead to understanding why the body has become carbohydrate intolerant

  • Complete lipid analysis - May produce a more accurate assessment of cardiovascular health then conventional panels

  • Auto-antibody panel - May help identify a propensity to autoimmune conditions even before they fully develop

In addition, when viewed through the lens of functional medicine, simple blood tests offered for free by the Kupaot are transformed from diagnostic cut-off's to powerful harbingers of health or disease.

Who needs functional lab testing? 

  • Anyone who is interested in an objective assessment of health.

  • Anyone who has experienced a profound disappointment when hearing from their doctor, "Your blood looks healthy to me, nothing more I can do for you."

Are you ready for a critical review of your lab tests?

The Jerusalem Center for Functional Medicine


Moshe Zilberg 30, Bayit Vegan

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