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Whether businessman, politician, lawyer or accountant.  Mother, father, grandmother, grandfather. Husband, wife.  Student, teacher. Athlete, musician, artist.  Rabbi.  Some of us are one of these, but most of us are many.  Our daily performance is critical to personal success in life's endeavours, and our body is our vehicle.  Increase your power, stamina and performance with potent nutritional therapy.

Personal Health


Fatigue, muscle and joint soreness, brain-fog, stomach pain, irregularity, headaches, depression, infections, skin irritation, allergies, weight gain, and resistance to weight loss are signs of clinical imbalance.  Our diet, stress levels, and sleep habits have a powerful effect on our biological functions.  Use the power of nutritional therapy to create metabolic balance in your body, and reap instant life-changing rewards and long-term health benefits.

The Jerusalem Center for Functional Medicine


Moshe Zilberg 30, Bayit Vegan

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