Pricing options

Each new client will receive a thorough INTAKE INTERVIEW.  This is usually at least on hour long session covering medical history, relevant lab-work, and analysis of current symptoms, concerns and goals.  After this session, the client will likely gain a preliminary understanding regarding their core functional imbalances, and practical input on how to advance their health goals.  This session is a 250 shekel value.

550 ₪

Basic package includes:

  • Intake interview and one additional session. 

  • 3-day customized food plan. 

  • Introduction to healthy eating and lifestyle practices.

  • Develop basic nutrient supplement protocol.

950 ₪

Advanced package includes:

  • Intake interview and three additional sessions.

  • 7-day customized meal plan.

  • Basic training for healthy eating and lifestyle practices.

  • Recommendations for further lab-work.

  • Develop personal nutrient supplement protocol.

1650 ₪

Premium package includes:

  • Intake interview and six additional sessions.

  • 7-day customized meal plan.     

  • Advanced training regarding lifelong healthy-eating and lifestyle practices.

  • Develop personalized supplement protocol based on medical history and long-term health goals.

  • Recommendations for further lab-work, and in-depth research driven analysis of results.

  • Maintenance and contingency planning.

  • 100% availability for questions and concerns as they arise.

The pricing options are prorated with a discount.  Further services will be charged at an hourly rate.


The JCFM is fully international and operational using a digital interface.  
Residents of Jerusalem can receive house-calls from Mordechai if preferred.

The Jerusalem Center for Functional Medicine


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