Today, there are many obstacles in the way of optimal health.  We are constantly bombarded with mixed signals that create difficult health decisions.  The Jerusalem Center for Functional Medicine helps you navigate a course towards achieving your personal health goals.  We employ the power of today's latest scientific research to formulate a personalized plan for weight control, metabolic perfection, and management of chronic illness.

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Mordechai Katz M.S.


Mordechai earned his Master's degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States, where he trained with a diverse faculty passionate about nutritional therapy and it's keystone role in functional medicine.  A twelve year resident of Jerusalem, He is acutely aware of many health challenges faced by the city's residents.  His always expanding knowledge in nutrition and functional medicine, creativity, and accountable nature drive his patient centered approach to finding long-term health solutions.

What is your focus?

 achieve your goals

Diet Apples

Weight Control

 maintain your healthy weight


Personal Health

optimize your performance

Grapefruit and Vitamins

Chronic Illness

reinvent your health

Herb Plants

GI Distress

rescue your gut

Blood Test

Functional Labs

track your health


Immune Support

tame your flame

Home Continuous Glucose Monitoring Train

Blood Glucose

stabalize your sugar



re-boot your system

Healthy Salad

Menu Planning

organize your meals

What is evidence-based nutrition?

Our protocols are based exclusively on high-quality scientific research.

We strive to stay current with the latest scientific conclusions.

We depend on laboratory results and clinical diagnoses to identify  functional imbalances.

We track symptoms and laboratory markers in order to gauge health.

All prescribed therapeutic foods and supplements are thoroughly investigated for clinical efficacy and product quality using professional databases.

It is impossible to efficiently use nutritional supplements without these tools.

We use powerful nutrition software to package our sophisticated dietary protocols into a user friendly product.

Our protocols are personlized, customized, and easy to follow for every client.

"The personalization of care achievable through the functional medicine approach is the only real solution to the crisis of chronic disease facing us today.  However, practicing this form of medicine is difficult, complex, and requires higher standards of decision making by clinicians.  The functional medicine approach to diagnoses demands not only that we determine what disease the patient is suffering from, which can be challenging, but also what the patient's underlying physiological dysfunctions are, and their causes, which is a complex process.

David S. Jones, MD 

Textbook of Functional Medicine (pp. 39)

What is Functional Medicine?

FM is a science-based personalized healthcare approach

that assesses and treats underlying causes of illness

through individually tailored therapies to restore health

and improve function.

FM considers that human beings are a complex and sophisticated biological system, and appreciates that balance within this system is synonymous with health.

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